Token Sell : coming soon

Token Sell : coming soon

Token Sell : coming soon

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About Imperial Pride

When King Marlon of Imperial Pride Island passed away, he left his throne to his six children. After many years of conflict, the crown of King Marlon was broken into pieces,each piece carrying a rare stone. The princes and princesses each took one piece for their own crown and started their own kingdom. The Island of Imperial Pride was devided into six kingoms, named after their kings and queens: Ari (lion), corvin (raven), tipu (tiger), Conan (wolf), Abitha (gazelle) and and Goga (snake).
Who shall prove to be the strongest? Who will be the kindest? Which is the bravest and who is the fairest? Rule their kingdom, for honor. For pride.

This game has its own token. This token will be offered as a private sale first and then a public sale. All in-game transactions are done using this token. The token can be redeemed in-game, centralized and decentralized exchanges. This token will be released under the BEP20 network. The number of tokens in the game will be 210,000,000,000 at the beginning, and during the progress of the game, some of it will be burned every year, which is taken as a tax in the game. Token burning continues until reaching 100,000,000.

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